This is our third entry in our ‘Now What?’ blog series designed to help those people that want to become a Chicago homeowner, but have no idea what to do.

Your Mortgage Application Was Denied!  Now What?

Back in the day I was at a Brian Tracy seminar and I listened to him speak.  He is an extraordinary speaker and personal development guru (and by the way I highly recommend attending one of his seminars or reading his books or listening to his podcasts).  One of his conversations revolves around making a great Caesar salad.  He goes on to say that the first time he tried to make a great Caesar salad it was horrible.  The problem was he ‘winged it’.  He didn’t follow the directions and therefore he made a salad that tasted like garbage.  He thought he was doing the right things, but deep inside he knew he really wasn’t.  So, he went back to the recipe and really studied it and what do you know – he made a great Caesar salad!  I know I am not doing the story justice, but you get the idea.  The same thing applies to becoming a Chicago homeowner – especially for those that may have credit or down payment or income challenges – you need to follow the recipe exactly to become a homeowner!


Create Your Plan To Homeownership!12977253_1124644874225035_7690271057883201287_o

After you have made copies of all the necessary documentation we schedule an appointment to analyze both your information as well as your credit file.  During this free consultation we review exactly what – if anything – needs to be resolved to allow you to become pre-approved on your mortgage financing so you can become a homeowner.

A few common issues that prevent people from becoming homeowners are:

  • down payment issues
  • credit issues
  • income documentation issues
  • asset documentation issues

Everyone of these issues can be overcome, and of course some take longer than others.  Regardless of your individual circumstances together we make a plan – a recipe for success if you will – to help you reach your goal of homeownership!

Now What?

Now you execute your plan.  We follow up with you every 2-3 weeks with a phone call or text or email to see how you are progressing.  Once you have completely executed your plan to become a Chicago homeowner we forward your updated documentation to the mortgage lender and they issue your pre-approval letter for homeownership.  It’s time to look at homes!

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