Curious about Insider Show Homes LLC? Hear what other successful homeowners have to say about their experience working with us.

Tiffany Harvey

9136 S Ada St Chicago IL 60620

Hi! We are the Harvey's ! A few years ago I reached out to Insider Show and hooked up with Ryan. At that time I was not ready to actually purchase a home. But, through home education and building my credit profile once I was ready to actually pur...

Jawanna Nickelson

2117 Limestone Ln Carpentersville IL 60110

Hi! My name is Jawanna Nickelson and I am with Kurt with Insider Show Homes. I heard about Kurt from my older sister Felicia Nickelson. Kurt was easy to work with when it came to searching for homes and going out for different showings on the week...

Larynette Tillman

9006 S Aberdeen St Chicago IL 60620

Hi! I'm with Kurt at Insider Show Homes. We are doing our last walk (through) and I've found my place where I'm going to (live)! (I was referred to Kurt and Insider Show Homes by) Shumonti Harris (and I'm exited to become a new homeowner)! Thank...

Nicole Lewis

122 Pamela Dr North Chicago Heights IL 60411

Hi, I'm Nicole and I am here with Kurt and I am actually looking at houses. He's been wonderful. I have been approved for a loan and now we are looking at houses. I did not have a lender initially so he found me a lender. I was referred to him by...

John Cooper

1155 Lily Field Ln Bolingbrook IL 60440

Hi, my name is John Cooper. Kurt was our Realtor. He did a really great job at helping us sell our home. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. He took a lot of time upfront with us, helping us understand what o...

Osman and Ricki Bahadarakhann

145 S Fordham Ave Aurora IL 60506

"Our experience with you has been amazing. You have been calm and full of knowledge and very respectful towards us. Whenever we have been worried you have helped us with calming us down and giving us knowledge about needs to be done. You have alwa...

Kardajia Wells

1232 King Drive South Holland IL 60473

Hi, my name is Kardajia and I met Kurt through the Anderson Financial Group! It took about 2 weeks to find a property for me (some of them weren't a good fit). He's very quick and good with responding - very down to earth - so you don't have to hol...

Barry and Valerie Williams

Dolton - 14238 Maryland Ave Dolton IL 60419

HI! My name is Valerie Williams. I have been working with Kurt from Insider Show. I met him a few months ago and we just purchased a house in Dolton! This has just been an awesome experience. He's been very supportive. I'm just blessed and I've...

Alexander Jackson

Avalon Park Neighborhood - 8157 S Blackstone Ave Chicago IL 60619

"Hi, my name is Alex and I am here with Kurt and I'm doing a home inspection. I met Kurt through a friend and since I met him about a month ago we've viewed about 40 homes until we came to this one. If you have ever thought about getting a Realtor...

Tiffany Collins

Chatham Neighborhood - 704 E 88th Pl Chicago IL 60619

Hi, my name is Tiffany Collins and ... I am now purchasing a home - thanks Kurt! We came up with a plan and we followed through and now we are homeowners! It was a good journey and thank you!

Shumonti Harris

West Pullman Neighborhood - 12538 S Indiana Ave Chicago IL 60628

Hi, my name is Shumonti Harris. I met Kurt Clements about a year ago. (Recently) we put an offer in on this home which I am closing on today! It's a 'process' but I am here now and Kurt is wonderful. He's walked with me the entire way and told me...

George Jones

Calumet City - 534 Paxton Ave Calumet City IL 60409

Hello, my name is George Jones and (this is) my wife Roshanna and we just bought our first home with (the help of) Kurt, and Tom with Anderson Financial. We want to say thank you and thumbs up to them!

Richara Jennings

Oak Lawn - 10420 S Circle Dr Unit 26B Oak Lawn IL 60453

Hi, I'm Richara Jennings and I have been working with Kurt Clements. I have been trying to find a place and fortunately I've been able to find the condo I really like. Kurt was with me every step of the way. He had this whole back-up team for me...

Vince Massey

Naperville - 4035 Broadmoor Cir Naperville IL 60564

I'm Vince Massey. When I was looking for a Realtor to sell my house I wanted someone who could sell my house fast at the maximum price with the least amount of hassle. In Kurt Clements at Insider Show Homes I found that Realtor. He was able to und...

Thomas Savage

South Holland - 17066 Wausau Ave South Holland IL 60473

How you doing? My name is Thomas Savage. I was referred to Kurt by a good friend of mine. I had to sell my house really quick. He sold it within 5 days! I got more than what I was asking for. He's a great Realtor and I would refer him to anyone...

Vanessa Lynch

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8429 S Carpenter St Chicago IL 60620

Hi! This is Vanessa and this is our new beautiful new home! Kurt helped us get it. He walked us through every single step. He helped me along the way and took every call I gave him. He was very helpful and very very insightful. Thank you so much...

Deavon Robinson

Richton Park - 5238 Imperial Dr Richton Park IL 60471

"Hello, my name is Deavon ... (my) husband Kevin and I were looking to become homeowners a few months ago. We (had been) researching and found Kurt about a year ago and we were following him (so) we decided to give him a call. We needed to touch up...

Matthew Young

Calumet Heights Neighborhood - 8746 S East End Ave Chicago IL 60617

"I am Matthew Young, and I'm about to close on this home...Kurt has helped me out tremendously. We hooked up around Thanksgiving of last year and I wasn't really sure about purchasing a home but Kurt helped me out a whole lot. We hooked back up in...

Sara Williams

Calumet City - 625 Sibley Blvd Calumet City IL 60409

"Hello, my name is Sara Williams. I am closing on my home today. Kurt was my Realtor from Insider Show Homes. We looked at a variety of houses and I picked this one! It was great, a long process, but we got through it!"

Laverne Covington

Roseland Neighborhood - 10953 S Eggleston Ave Chicago IL 60628

Hi, my name is Bobbie and this is my sister Laverne. We met Kurt back in December. He showed us a lot of homes, but this home is the one that we fell in love with. We love it! We thank him for being our Realtor and for helping us to find our new home...

Kathy Rose

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 7809 S Seeley Ave Chicago, IL 60620

Hi, we are the Rose family. We met Kurt Clements on Facebook, to see about getting a house. We went through the steps, did what we were told to do, and now we are in our new house. Kurt is a real nice guy, he will work with you, and help you out as m...

Danny Offet

South Shore Neighborhood - 7608 S Cornell Ave Chicago, IL 60649

Hi, I am Danny. I just purchased a home through Insider Show Homes. I met Kurt last November of 2017. I followed back up with him in the early part of spring 2018. He helped me get the home of my dreams. I am a first time home buyer. I have never bee...

Marcella Groves

Park Forest - 327 Merrimac St Park Forest IL 60466

Hi, I am Marce and I have been working with Kurt at Insider Show Homes. He has been fantastic. I am a spoiled brat and I had a ton of things in the beginning that I wanted and could not afford. He was very patient with me he helped me get my credit t...

Jackie Williams

Roseland Neighborhood - 9451 S Calumet Ave Chicago, IL 60628

Hi, my name is Jackie. I am purchasing a home through Insider Show. I was introduced to Insider Show through Sam at Guaranteed Rate. Kurt is my Realtor and he has help me find my beautiful house that I love. I can't wait to move in. Thanks Kurt! Than...

Stanley and Clarise Gaines

Ashburn Neighborhood - 8635 S Kenton Ave Chicago IL 60652

" Hi, my name is Clarise Gaines. I am speaking on behalf of my husband Stanley Gaines and myself. Stanley came into contact with Kurt Clements of Insider Show Homes back in December of 2017. Kurt showed us a number of homes and he also introduced us...

Darrick Shurn

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 7705 S Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60620

"This is our first home. This experience has been alot but Kurt has been very helpful to us. He has been very patient and understanding and this is something everyone should consider. I am now a happy homeowner and I am very excited thank you very mu...

Yvette Reynolds

Working Towards Home Ownership

"Hi, I'm here with Kurt and he just showed me this beautiful home. I am so happy that I decided to come talk with him he's given me so much information that's going to help me get my home. He's awesome!"

LaRon Crittendon

South Holland - 16110 Ellis Ave South Holland IL 60473

I was referred to Kurt from Insider Show Homes and he helped me find a home. We're in the middle of a demo as you can see but Kurt is a good fellow and always on time. There's not too many bad things I could say about him or Insider Show Homes. I app...

Kimberly Hawthorne

Calumet Heights Neighborhood - 8740 S Dorchester Ave Chicago IL 60619

Hi I'm Kimberly. Kurt and I met a couple years ago back in 2016. He was a referral and it was the best referral I could have asked for. He has been so helpful. We met up and he looked at my credit and helped me get it together in a years time. We loo...

Alexis Allison

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8425 S Honore St Chicago IL 60620

Hi, I'm Alexis and I'm here with Kurt from Insider Show Homes. I'm excited to say that I'm going to be closing on my home this Thursday. I met with Kurt a few months ago and he assured me that he would get me into a home and I was very shocked. We're...

Stefan Norfleet

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7632 S Vernon Ave Chicago, IL 60619

We're proud to say that we are about to become homeowners next week of this house thanks to Kurt. We had a few issues and we thought we were stuck to renting and we were browsing on Craigslist and we ran into Kurt so we gave him a call. We didn't go...

Sylvester Boines, Jr

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 10155 S Emerald Ave Chicago IL 60628

How's it going my name is Sylvester and I just purchased my FIRST home with the help of Kurt from Insider Show Homes. I just have to say that I'm very satisfied and very pleased! Kurt helped me out so much, it wasn't rushed at all. Kurt you tha man!...

Latasha Veal

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8442 S Aberdeen St Chicago IL 60620

Hi, I'm Tasha and I just wanted to say that I'm a proud new homeowner thanks to Kurt.  We looked at a lot of properties and I finally found the one that was perfect for me. Now I have it! All thanks to Kurt from Insider Show Homes.

Alberta Allen

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8025 S Justine St Chicago IL 60620

Hello my name is Alberta and I'm here with Kurt from Insider Show. I am thankful for them and their services. Thanks for them I was able to close on my new home today. This is all due to their program they had to assist me THANK YOU!

Angela Thorn

Chatham Neighborhood - 547 E 87th Pl Chicago IL 60619

Hi, I'm Angela, I'm with Insider Show Homes. I'm purchasing a home and it's very beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that the process Insider Show Home's uses worked very very good for me. If you want to know more you can speak with Kurt he has...

Candace Hopkins

West Pullman Neighborhood - 11517 S Parnell Ave Chicago IL 60628

So we met Kurt about two and a half years ago. He gave me the tools to rebuild my credit  and I gave the same tools to my husband to help him build his credit. Kurt was very patient with us and we are now in the process of our final walkthrough. A bi...

Aleshia Ester

Ashburn Neighborhood - 7915 S Campbell Ave Chicago IL 60652

Hi my name is Aleshia Ester and I am a brand new home owner. Kurt Clements helped me a year and a half ago in January. I'm here doing a walkthrough and I'll be home owner on Monday. I'm just letting you know that if you feel you can't be a homeowner...

Edward Junkins Jr

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8326 S Ada St Chicago IL 60620

I'm here to give an outstanding job to Kurt. I am standing in what will be my new home in a couple of days. The experience has been outstanding. From beginning to end, Kurt and his team got my process done very quickly. Ten days earlier! If you need...

Angel Tang

Chicago Heights - 544 W 15th St Chicago Heights IL 60411

Hi, my name is Angel and I am here with Insider Show Homes with my friend Kurt the best realtor ever. I met him back in August of last year. He has helped me fix my credit since day one he's been holding my hand because I've been a mess but I am fina...

Carmelita Johnson

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 8239 S Morgan St Chicago IL 60620

Hi, my name is Carmelita Johnson and I am doing my final walk through today to do closing Monday next week for my home, yay for me! So I just wanted to say that Kurt was a really good realtor I appreciate everything that he did. He gave me a lot of g...

Tyiesha Drane

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 9618 S. Lowe Ave Chicago IL 60628

Hello, my name is Tyeisha Drane. We are closing in two days. It's my final walk through. I met Kurt from Insider Show Homes about a year ago. I was taken to buy a home in Lansing and I met him and he started us through the process. We had to do a lot...

Lashundia Key

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 9219 S Throop St Chicago IL 60620

I decided I wanted to become a home owner two years ago. So I called Kurt and he told me a certain amount of things that had to be done and I told him I wasn't ready. He continued to send me emails seeing if I was ready yet. This year I actually call...

Carmelita Johnson

Looking For Homes With Kurt Clements

Hi, so my name is Carmelita and I did a video a few months ago I believe in November. I was looking for a home and Kurt was nice enough to help us with all of things that we needed. We had to do a little bit of credit fixing, we got that done and now...

Leonard Butler

Avalon Park Neighborhood - 8211 S Dorchester Ave Chicago IL 60619

Hi, I'm Leonard Butler and I just purchased my first home through Insider Show Homes with the help of Kurt. He led me through the process and the process was very simple but it is sorta time consuming. Although, if you follow every step that he has g...

Robin Cherry

South Holland - 43 E 163rd St South Holland IL 60473

I started this journey about a year ago. I wasn't where I needed to be as far as credit goes. and making sure my bills where paid on time. Kurt stuck by me and sent me emails and texts just to make sure that I did everything on time and now I am clos...

Teneisha Hill

Austin Neighborhood - 638 N Lockwood Ave Chicago IL 60644

I'm William and this is my soon to be wife Taneisha. We are proud new home owners here. We just closed on January 27th. We started our process in September of last year. I met Kurt online looking for homes. We found out we were expecting so we jumped...

David Nute

Hi my name is David Nute and I just wanted to say I've been working with Insider Show Homes. I just wanted to let you know that I've been working with a realtor named John and I'd like to mention he is an excellent realtor. He will take you step by s...

Marsha Askew

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7305 S Wabash Ave Chicago IL 60619

My name is Marsha Askew I'm a sixty seven year old first time home buyer. I met Kurt when I responded to his ad for a rent to own home. The first day he said, "let me run your credit". He called back and said, "you qualify for our program". He and hi...

Ashley Spears

West Pullman Neighborhood - 24 E 122nd Pl Chicago IL 60628

Hi my name is Ashley and I just want to thank Kurt and the Insider Show Home team so much for helping me. I closed Friday on my new beautiful home. It took me about a year and some months to get everything together and they helped me each entire step...

Ebonie Gist

Frankfort - 21974 Heritage Dr Frankfort IL 60423

I'm Stephon Gist and I'm Ebonie Gist. We've been working with Insider since 2011. Insider has not only helped us purchase our first home, sell our first home, now we have our second home. Thanks Insider!

Jamel Brown

Avalon Park Neighborhood - 8454 S Blackstone Ave Chicago IL 60619

I had a wonderful experience with Insider Show Homes. Kurt Clements was definitely able to give me my dream home. These guys helped me out through all of the steps along the way. Everything was step by step and made my process as easy as possible. Yo...

Alphia Webber-Booth

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 9817 S Green St Chicago IL 60643

I'm Linda Webber I'm with my mother Alphia Webber. We met Kurt from Insider Show Homes back in April of this year at a different property we were looking for a home. A few weeks later my Mother got sick and had to have surgery and all that so it kind...

Earnestine Battles-Anderson

West Pullman Neighborhood - 446 W 126th Pl Chicago IL 60628

This my Mom Earnestine Battles-Anderson and I'm Nathaniel Battles. We just purchased a home through Insider Show Homes. Kurt helped us out, we met him Fall of last year. It has been a journey but it has been an awesome journey and an awesome ride and...

Lisa Login Hester

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7409 S Wabash Ave Chicago IL 60619

Ok, so I met Kurt about a year ago through Insider Show Homes. He has helped me get this beautiful house! He helped me get my credit squared away. I had a judgment on (my credit) and he should me the steps to get it taken off (and paid) and brought m...