Kurt Clements

Managing Broker / Owner
I have been engaged in the real estate business for over 20 years. I started out writing second mortgages and refinancing first mortgages and then moved up to writing purchase mortgages. I would work with all the government programs designed to help the first time home buyer. I found that I really enjoyed helping someone purchase their home – whether it be their first home or their last home. I think it was the joy and excitement of it all.

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10953 S Eggleston Ave Chicago IL 60628 - Roseland Neighborhood

Hi, my name is Bobbie and this is my sister Laverne. We met Kurt back in December. He showed us a lot of homes, but this home is the one that we fell in love with. We love it! We thank him for being our Realtor and for helping us to find our new home. We are very excited to be in this place! We just love it! We are so excited! You guys if you ever want a good home please get in touch with Kurt Clements because he is the one that really shows you the homes and gets you where you want to be. We just thank God for what we have and where we are right now. He will make sure that you are working with the right people at the right time. He does not cut any corners, he’s straight to the point, he’s a good man, and I thank God for him. Because of him we found this beautiful home, it is awesome and we thank God. Yes just what we wanted!

, 10953 S Eggleston Ave Chicago IL 60628 - Roseland Neighborhood

7809 S Seeley Ave Chicago, IL 60620 - Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

Hi, we are the Rose family. We met Kurt Clements on Facebook, to see about getting a house. We went through the steps, did what we were told to do, and now we are in our new house. Kurt is a real nice guy, he will work with you, and help you out as much as he can.

, 7809 S Seeley Ave Chicago, IL 60620

7608 S Cornell Ave Chicago - South Shore Neighborhood

Hi, I am Danny. I just purchased a home through Insider Show Homes. I met Kurt last November of 2017. I followed back up with him in the early part of spring 2018. He helped me get the home of my dreams. I am a first time home buyer. I have never been through the process. The process was much easier than I thought. I was really afraid but Kurt really helped walk me through the process. I do not have too many complaints and Kurt is a really good guy. Everyone that he connected me with was very nice also. If you need a home go through Insider Show Homes. They are great and they make the process as easy as possible. No stress no headaches. Once again he got me the home of my dreams. I am a first time home buyer. I look forward to hopefully being here for the next 30 years. Thanks Kurt and Insider Show Homes.

, 7608 S Cornell Ave Chicago, IL 60649

327 Merrimac St Park Forest IL 60466

Hi, I am Marce and I have been working with Kurt at Insider Show Homes. He has been fantastic. I am a spoiled brat and I had a ton of things in the beginning that I wanted and could not afford. He was very patient with me he helped me get my credit together and I am just very very happy that he spent the time that was needed to get me closed. I just did my final walk through and my closing is tomorrow. I am so excited. He is a great man. His team is awesome. Insider Show Homes guys, they are thumbs up!

, 327 Merrimac St Park Forest IL 60466

9541 S Calumet Ave Chicago IL 60628 - Roseland Neighborhood - CLIENT TESTIMONIAL

Hi, my name is Jackie. I am purchasing a home through Insider Show. I was introduced to Insider Show through Sam at Guaranteed Rate. Kurt is my Realtor and he has help me find my beautiful house that I love. I can’t wait to move in. Thanks Kurt! Thanks Insider Show.

, 9451 S Calumet Ave Chicago, IL 60628

8635 S Kenton Ave Chicago IL 60652 - Ashburn Neighborhood

” Hi, my name is Clarise Gaines. I am speaking on behalf of my husband Stanley Gaines and myself. Stanley came into contact with Kurt Clements of Insider Show Homes back in December of 2017. Kurt showed us a number of homes and he also introduced us to a mortgage lender Tom, who has also helped us through this process as well. I just want to let you guys know that this has been an awesome process for us. Kurt is just down to earth, awesome, and was very patient with us. He showed us this home that we fell in love with and purchased. I would recommend Kurt, Tom, and both of their teams to help find a home. Like I said we are so excited and I now have a gorgeous home. Thanks Kurt and Tom. I appreciate it.”

, Chicago IL

Three years later

We are still enjoying our home purchase din May of 2015! Kurt is one of the most helpful people that I have ever met! He has a very rememberable spirit about himself… I can not express enough how grateful we are to have came across Insider Show Homes…. This is a true testament and if you or anyone you know is looking to buy a home for the first time this is the first step!! These guys are amazing! You can trust them…

, 10678 W 97th Pl

7705 S Damen Ave, Chicago, IL - Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - Client Testimonial

“This is our first home. This experience has been alot but Kurt has been very helpful to us. He has been very patient and understanding and this is something everyone should consider. I am now a happy homeowner and I am very excited thank you very much Kurt. We are very happy and thank you for this experience. I was very confused in the beginning but Kurt helped me alot and I’m so excited about this”.

, Chicago, IL

This Happy Chicago Family Is Excited To Begin Their Home-buying Journey!

“Hi, I’m here with Kurt and he just showed me this beautiful home. I am so happy that I decided to come talk with him he’s given me so much information that’s going to help me get my home. He’s awesome!”

, Chicago, IL

8002 S Harper Ave, Avalon Park


Kurt has been an outstanding realtor since we first met in April 2017. After having a hard time getting my landlord to make repairs. I began looking at homes and finding Kurt was a breath of fresh air. Kurt took the time to listen to what I was looking for, work within my price range, and provide sound advice.

Buying my first home was a huge decision and a huge investment, but Kurt help me to navigate through the process effortlessly.  Kurt does his research and is careful and methodical.  He worked with the seller to negotiate a price within my price range and ensured that everything went smoothly through closing.

Without any hesitation, Kurt handled everything from finding the right lender to referring me to great inspector. I am so thankful for having found such a great realtor.  I cannot speak highly enough about Kurt and would recommend him to anyone in the market for a new home, from first-timers to seasoned homebuyers.

I continue to recommend Kurt to friends and colleagues in the market for a home, and am certain to have him as my realtor whenever I am ready to purchase my next home.

, Chicago,IL

16110 S Ellis Ave South Holland IL 60473

I was referred to Kurt from Insider Show Homes and he helped me find a home. We’re in the middle of a demo as you can see but Kurt is a good fellow and always on time. There’s not too many bad things I could say about him or Insider Show Homes. I appreciate them they definitely were a blessing and they helped me to get the job done.

, Chicago,IL

8740 S Dorchester Ave Chicago IL 60619 - Calumet Heights Neighborhood

Hi I’m Kimberly. Kurt and I met a couple years ago back in 2016. He was a referral and it was the best referral I could have asked for. He has been so helpful. We met up and he looked at my credit and helped me get it together in a years time. We looked at a number of homes and we were able to get me this home that I am standing in right now. I am so very happy. So I just wanted to say that Insider Show Homes really care about you and your dreams of getting a home. I would refer them to anyone looking to get a home. Thank you Kurt you are wonderful.

, Chicago,IL

8425 S Honore St Chicago IL 60620 Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m here with Kurt from Insider Show Homes. I’m excited to say that I’m going to be closing on my home this Thursday. I met with Kurt a few months ago and he assured me that he would get me into a home and I was very shocked. We’re closing this week and if you’re looking for a home or someone to help you each step of the way make sure to get with Kurt and he will get the job done.

, Chicago,IL

7632 S Vernon Ave Chicago IL 60619 - Greater Grand Crossing

We’re proud to say that we are about to become homeowners next week of this house thanks to Kurt. We had a few issues and we thought we were stuck to renting and we were browsing on Craigslist and we ran into Kurt so we gave him a call. We didn’t go with Kurt at first because we were just thinking of renting but Kurt kept calling so we decided to give it a try. He’s your guy is you’re looking to get a home and it’s a beautiful one!

, Chicago,IL

10155 S Emerald Ave Chicago IL 60628 - Washington Heights Neighborhood

How’s it going my name is Sylvester and I just purchased my FIRST home with the help of Kurt from Insider Show Homes. I just have to say that I’m very satisfied and very pleased! Kurt helped me out so much, it wasn’t rushed at all. Kurt you tha man! The process was very quick. You estimated it would take 45 days but in 2-3 weeks we were closing! Thank you Kurt, appreciate it, love the home!

, Chicago,IL

8442 S Aberdeen St Chicago IL 60620 - Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

Hi, I’m Tasha and I just wanted to say that I’m a proud new homeowner thanks to Kurt.  We looked at a lot of properties and I finally found the one that was perfect for me. Now I have it! All thanks to Kurt from Insider Show Homes.

, Chicago,IL

8025 S. Justine Ave, Chicago, IL - Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

Hello my name is Alberta and I’m here with Kurt from Insider Show. I am thankful for them and their services. Thanks for them I was able to close on my new home today. This is all due to their program they had to assist me THANK YOU!

, Chicago, IL

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL- 547 E 87th Pl (Chatham Neighborhood)

Hi, I’m Angela, I’m with Insider Show Homes. I’m purchasing a home and it’s very beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that the process Insider Show Home’s uses worked very very good for me. If you want to know more you can speak with Kurt he has all the information. The process wasn’t hard at all and they got me where I needed to be. I’m so excited to be a first time home owner. Insider Show Homes rocks!

, Chicago, IL

11517 S Parnell Ave Chicago IL - Roseland Neighborhood

So we met Kurt about two and a half years ago. He gave me the tools to rebuild my credit  and I gave the same tools to my husband to help him build his credit. Kurt was very patient with us and we are now in the process of our final walkthrough. A big thank you to Kurt and Insider Show Homes. We couldn’t be more happy with out five bedroom home.

7915 S Campbell Ave Chicago IL 60652 - Ashburn Neighborhood

Hi my name is Aleshia Ester and I am a brand new home owner. Kurt Clements helped me a year and a half ago in January. I’m here doing a walkthrough and I’ll be home owner on Monday. I’m just letting you know that if you feel you can’t be a homeowner you can. It can happen just keep the faith, perseverance, and patience and do everything that you’re supposed to do. Kurt guided me through all of the credit enhancements and everything that I needed to do to be here today and I’m a proud home owner.

8135 South Fairfield Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60652 - Ashburn Neighborhood


I’m Patsy Carter and my initial encounter with InsiderShowHomes was sort of accidental.  I met John Golliday because I was simply looking to rent another home and not purchase.  John had a very trusting and calm demeanor which made me comfortable.  He simply said, “why rent when you can own?”  He asked me a few questions.  I gave him my information and he started to get the ball rolling.

I told John what I wanted and the area I wanted to live in and he nailed it…I literally looked at only two homes.  It was absolutely AMAZING how quickly John knew what I wanted in such a short period of time.  He connected me with a lender, lawyer, and inspector.  I must continue to say that I was completely comfortable with John and his expertise as a Realtor.

John made the entire home buying process quick and painless.  He explained everything step by step; as well as providing me with a closing date after only a couple of weeks.  My closing was the exact date that John gave me right from the start.  I have already given John’s information to a co-worker that is looking to stop renting and purchase her own home as well.  I can’t say enough GREAT things about John.  He went above and beyond his call of duty to assist me with my new home.  I am eternally grateful to John Golliday for all that he does as a Realtor.  John Golliday is very knowledgeable in his field and I recommend him very HIGHLY to anyone looking to purchase a home.






, 8135 South Fairfield Ave Chicago, Illinois 60652

8326 S Ada St Chicago IL 60620 - Auburn Gresham Neighborhood

I’m here to give an outstanding job to Kurt. I am standing in what will be my new home in a couple of days. The experience has been outstanding. From beginning to end, Kurt and his team got my process done very quickly. Ten days earlier! If you need a home reach out to Kurt and Insider Show Homes and they will definitely get the job done for you.

544 W 15th St Chicago Heights IL 60411- Chicago Heights

Hi, my name is Angel and I am here with Insider Show Homes with my friend Kurt the best realtor ever. I met him back in August of last year. He has helped me fix my credit since day one he’s been holding my hand because I’ve been a mess but I am finally here. I am doing my walk through with Kurt and I close next week.

8239 S Morgan St Chicago IL 60620 - Auburn Gresham

Hi, my name is Carmelita Johnson and I am doing my final walk through today to do closing Monday next week for my home, yay for me! So I just wanted to say that Kurt was a really good realtor I appreciate everything that he did. He gave me a lot of good tips and he introduced me to a lot of good people. For example, Jose who is the lender. The two of them went the extra mile and helped me out a lot. I am very happy with the results so thank you again Insider Show Homes.

9618 S Lowe Ave Chicago IL 60628 - Washington Heights

Hello, my name is Tyeisha Drane. We are closing in two days. It’s my final walk through. I met Kurt from Insider Show Homes about a year ago. I was taken to buy a home in Lansing and I met him and he started us through the process. We had to do a lot of work on our credit. I didn’t think it would work a lot of the time but he walked us through it and we are here and I’m about to close. It’s looking amazing and I am really excited.

, 9618 S. Lowe

8500 S. Jeffery Blvd. Chicago (Avalon Park)


I can’t THANK YOU enough for my experience with you and Insider Show Homes.


I started my adventure last November, 2016 and was all over the place. I had not a clue what I was doing outside of just looking for a home. John Golliday was referred to me by friends in February, 2016 who worked with him and his services as well.  I was a first time home buyer so I was skeptical about everything and everybody. Let me tell you….when I tell that John was well rounded in his business, patient and held my hand through the process, he did.  He walked with me step by step, answered any and all question and I had many. If there was a question John was unsure of because it wasn’t his field (loan officer, appraisal, inspector, etc.) he knew exactly who to put me in contact with and they were good people and patient as well.  There was so  much involved that I didn’t understand and at one point was ready to give up.  I thought for sure John was going to snap because of all the work and time he had already invested in this process. Instead, on that night of my confusion John stayed on the phone texting answers to my thousands of questions, including questions he had already answered, ending at approximately 11:30 PM.  How awesome was that? We ended the Q&A with me at ease, me trusting him, and together with his team I moved forward and am now a proud homeowner as May 2017.


Thank you again John Golliday, for a great learning experience but most of all for your knowledge and patience.


9219 Throop Ave, Chicago, IL - Washington Heights

I decided I wanted to become a home owner two years ago. So I called Kurt and he told me a certain amount of things that had to be done and I told him I wasn’t ready. He continued to send me emails seeing if I was ready yet. This year I actually called him and I told him I was ready. So I called him in January and he told me what steps I needed to take to complete the process.  I did everything he told me to do and I am closing tomorrow! If you do everything he tells you to do, you will get your home. It’s May not so it didn’t take too long to go through the process.

Another success story in the making!

Hi, so my name is Carmelita and I did a video a few months ago I believe in November. I was looking for a home and Kurt was nice enough to help us with all of things that we needed. We had to do a little bit of credit fixing, we got that done and now we are actually looking for a home. So we are here in this home, the one I really like, and I’m just happy that we are getting this process done. Hopefully I’ll be in a house pretty soon….yay!

Avalon Park - 8211 S Dorchester Ave, Chicago, IL

Hi, I’m Leonard Butler and I just purchased my first home through Insider Show Homes with the help of Kurt. He led me through the process and the process was very simple but it is sorta time consuming. Although, if you follow every step that he has given you then the end product is owning a home.

Village of South Holland - 43 E 163rd St South Holland IL

I started this journey about a year ago. I wasn’t where I needed to be as far as credit goes. and making sure my bills where paid on time. Kurt stuck by me and sent me emails and texts just to make sure that I did everything on time and now I am closing on my home. So if you have any questions or any issues you need to call and take this journey also. Thanks!

Austin Neighborhood - 638 N Lockwood Ave Chicago IL

I’m William and this is my soon to be wife Taneisha. We are proud new home owners here. We just closed on January 27th. We started our process in September of last year. I met Kurt online looking for homes. We found out we were expecting so we jumped into the process of home buying. With the guidance of Kurt he gave me the tips that I needed to work on credit and get everything in line and in order so that we could work on becoming first time home owners. Also, than you for hooking us up with ADT. First time home owners and we were able to get an alarm system free of charge. That is something we were also trying to figure out in our budget and Kurt made it happen. I didn’t even know that you could come home from a closing with money. We came home with money!

West Pullman Neighborhood - 11549 S. Justine St. Chicago, IL 60643

Hi my name is David Nute and I just wanted to say I’ve been working with Insider Show Homes. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working with a realtor named John and I’d like to mention he is an excellent realtor. He will take you step by step and show you homes that you want to see. He’ll also let you know your financial situations. He’ll let you know your financial needs and your mortgage and things of that nature. If you’re looking for a guy that’s the guy! He’ll call you when you need to be called, he’s on point. He’ll call you right back if you need him. Anyone looking for a realtor, John’s the man! Thank you very much!

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7305 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

My name is Marsha Askew I’m a sixty seven year old first time home buyer. I met Kurt when I responded to his ad for a rent to own home. The first day he said, “let me run your credit”. He called back and said, “you qualify for our program”. He and his team walked me through the whole process which took about five months and we had very happy results. There were a lot of days I was depressed. I talked to Kurt and a member of his team and they got me through it. His lender was fantastic, the seller was fantastic, and Kurt was fantastic.

West Pullman Neighborhood - 24 E. 122nd Pl. Chicago, IL

Hi my name is Ashley and I just want to thank Kurt and the Insider Show Home team so much for helping me. I closed Friday on my new beautiful home. It took me about a year and some months to get everything together and they helped me each entire step. I am so thankful!

, Chicago, IL

Village of Frankfort - 21974 Heritage Dr. Frankfort, IL

I’m Stephon Gist and I’m Ebonie Gist. We’ve been working with Insider since 2011. Insider has not only helped us purchase our first home, sell our first home, now we have our second home. Thanks Insider!

, Frankfort, IL.

Avalon Park Neighborhood - 8454 S Blackstone Ave, Chicago, IL

I had a wonderful experience with Insider Show Homes. Kurt Clements was definitely able to give me my dream home. These guys helped me out through all of the steps along the way. Everything was step by step and made my process as easy as possible. You guys looking for a home please go with Insider Show Homes. They have a lot of variety and things to offer such as credit repair. With me it was just finding the right spot and being patient with me. My prior experiences were bad until I met this guy Kurt. He made everything great for me and I am happy to be closing. Appreciate that Kurt, thank you!

, Chicago, IL.

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 9817 S Green St Chicago IL

I’m Linda Webber I’m with my mother Alphia Webber. We met Kurt from Insider Show Homes back in April of this year at a different property we were looking for a home. A few weeks later my Mother got sick and had to have surgery and all that so it kind of hindered our home search. But here we are today as homeowners of this beautiful home. Once again, thanks again to Kurt of Insider Show Homes. At first I thought it was impossible because the bank was telling me what Kurt was telling me wasn’t true….but they lied. Everything he had said was true. You can be a homeowner, I’ve been paying rent for five years and now that can go to what I own. Almost $50,000 I gave to someone else. So….thank you Kurt.

, Chicago, IL.

West Pullman Neighborhood - 446 W. 126th Pl. Chicago, IL

This my Mom Earnestine Battles-Anderson and I’m Nathaniel Battles. We just purchased a home through Insider Show Homes. Kurt helped us out, we met him Fall of last year. It has been a journey but it has been an awesome journey and an awesome ride and we are proud home owners now. Yes, we are so proud to be in our first home. This is going to be our first and maybe our only home for our family. Kurt helped us get everything together. We thought we could never do this but a year later we’d be walking into our new home for Christmas. That’s the best Christmas present you could ever have. I just wanted to tell him thank you, thank you, so very much….and we love you guys! Insider Show Homes helped us through some hard times. It’s a lot of paperwork but it gets done and they make it very easy. Thanks Insider Show Homes!

, Chicago, IL.

Morgan Park Neighborhood - 1226 W 111th Place, Chicago, IL


Kurt was a very helpful agent to my Grandmother Ora Cotton and I. We started this journey with Kurt in July 2016. Kurt helped us step by step to become homeowners. He helped us to improve our credit and even reduce debts. On December 9th we closed on our new four bedroom and three bathroom home. We are very grateful for Kurt’s hard work and dedication to making sure we obtained our dream home. I am now telling everyone I know about Kurt and his professional work. Thank you Kurt.

, Chicago, IL.

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7409 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL

Ok, so I met Kurt about a year ago through Insider Show Homes. He has helped me get this beautiful house! He helped me get my credit squared away. I had a judgment on (my credit) and he should me the steps to get it taken off (and paid) and brought my credit rating up to over 700 – which was wonderful! Then he was patient with us and took us out to the south suburbs and here to the city to see what would fit for myself and my family. I am glad to say that tomorrow I will actually be closing on this wonderful 5 bedroom home and its all due to Kurt and Insider Show Homes and I would recommend him and his company to anyone looking for a home.

, Chicago, IL.

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 10028 S. Sangamon St. Chicago, IL.


I purchased my first home in August, 1990 and lived there for 25 years. However, because of very unfortunate circumstances I was forced to sell my home at a great loss in 2005. I am a single mother of 3 daughters and we had to move from the only home and neighborhood they new. I felt like a complete failure. We moved to a decent 2 flat apartment and 6 months later I lost my job. To make a long story short I went even further down. Two of my daughters and myself moved to a one bedroom apartment and for the next year and a half I told myself that this was only temporary. I purchased a new car in December, 2014 and in November 2015 we went to see a Frank Montro home. I put it off until late January 2016. I wasn’t sure of my credit score, but in January I gave my info. to Kurt. In February, 2016 I found a house that we all loved. I worked with the GREATEST team ever! Kurt from Insider Show Homes, Wendy from Imortgage and Kirk from Hawbecker & Garver, LLC. Because of them my believe that my girls and I would be homeowners again became a reality. Thank you Frank Montro for doing what you do and I thank your team for doing what they do. You ALL gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful!

, Chicago, IL.

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7539 S Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL


I have a lot of titles, single mother, teacher, daughter, sister and Mormon, just to name a few and now I can add homeowner to that list, thanks to the Insider Homes team, namely Kurt and Ryan. When I first went to one of their open houses I never thought that I was really able to go through with it, but Kurt worked with me through the whole process and made sure I knew exactly what I needed to do and when I felt discouraged or needed help he was right there to help.  It probably took me a little longer than most people but with their constant support, knowledge honesty, and kindness it finally became a reality: I am a homeowner! As a matter of fact about a year ago today was when Kurt showed me my dream home,  I claimed it a year ago but didn’t close until June 30, 2016, a day I will never forget. We had a delay but Ryan personally called me weekly to update me on the progress.  My family is so much happier now than they were in our rented apartments and homes as a matter of fact my oldest son was battling depression but since we have been here he says that he has stopped taking his medication and is very happy and no longer anti social. I have to thank Ryan, Kurt and The Insider Show Homes team for allowing me to become a first time home owner and help my family become happy again. Forever grateful!

, IL

Calumet Heights Neighborhood - 9006 S Anthony Ave, Chicago, IL


For years I had been intimidated by the process of purchasing a home. Even though I was paying a ridiculous amount for rent in the West Haven neighborhood, the thought of building my credit and purchasing a home seemed like a lot of work. When I initially hooked up with Kurt and Ryan, I was on the market for a rent to own property and after reviewing my credit they kindly suggested that I purchase a home. After agreeing that it made more sense to purchase, I worked closely with Kurt over the following three months to raise my credit score to a point that I could begin the process. Once I got it high enough, Kurt emailed me a list of properties and we were on our way! Kurt had an entire team of people working for me and the process was seamless. From the day I met up with Kurt and Ryan to discuss my credit, to the date I moved into my new home was only about 5 months. Even after the appraisal came in $25K lower than the asking price, the process was only slowed by about a week. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home or who needs help understanding the process!

, Chicago

Village of Lansing - 18355 Olde Farm Rd, Lansing, IL


How many can say that buying a home was one of the easiest things that they ever done? Ryan & Kurt were great! Absolutely no snags or hiccups in the process! Thank you guys for your assistance in becoming a homeowner.

, IL

Chatham Neighborhood - 308 E 90th Pl, Chicago, IL


I started my journey looking for a home for me and my family. I didn’t know what to expect or how to go about doing it until I discovered Insider Homes. Kurt and his team showed me some homes until I found the right one then gave me all the tools I needed in order to purchase this home. I tried to purchase a home in the past and other realtors just told me what I couldn’t do because of my credit. Kurt told me what I needed to do and worked with me until I was ready to finally make the dream home of me and my family come true. Thanks Insider Homes and especially Kurt, because of your patience and willingness to not only educate your clients but work with them within their means I would recommend them to anyone and say they have become a part of my family.

, Chicago

South Chicago Neighborhood - 8654 S Phillips Ave, Chicago, IL


A simple Thank you is not enough for the time and all the efforts that Kurt and Ryan put in for me and my family to get our first home. Yes I will say it was a rollercoaster but Kurt was there for me every step of the way and he didn’t sugar coat any thing which I really appreciated. They had a whole Team that gave great service and made my rollercoaster a great ride. I love my house!

, IL

Village of South Holland - 15934 Avalon Ave, South Holland, IL


Wow wow wow. I’m really short of words. The Insider Show team is one of the best in the business. My wife and I was looking for our first home to purchase. My co-worker referred me to Ryan Siebert and the rest was history. As a busy guy working two full time job and my wife also working full time, we have no time to find our dream home, but knew exactly what we wanted to buy. We met with Ryan and gave him the details. After couple of failed attempts, we finally found our dream home. The Insider Show team made the process so easy and comfortable. They got the home for the perfect price. The loan process was so convenient and easy. I will definitely refer this team to my family members and friends who are willing to buy. My wife and I want to say a huge thank you to the team again.

, IL

South Chicago Neighborhood - 8367 S. Baltimore Ave, Chicago IL


I’m a new homeowner!  My story began when I decided to look for my house and decided to talk to Kurt from Insider Show Homes.  Kurt and the entire team took their time to talk to me and find the perfect home for me. I like how they treated me from start to finish.  Most of all they are very professional and provided information on the home purchase process that I was not aware of. I love my house and although it was difficult I would do all over again with Insider Show Homes.

, Chicago

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 76th and Vernon Ave, Chicago, IL


I started my journey looking for a home for me and my family. I didn’t know what to expect or how to go about doing it until I discovered Insider Show Homes. Kurt and his team showed me some homes until I found the right one then gave me all the tools I needed in order to purchase this home. I tried to purchase a home in the past and other realtors just told me what I couldn’t do because of my credit. Kurt told me what I needed to do and worked with me until I was ready to finally make the dream home of me and my family come true. Thanks Insider Show Homes and especially Kurt, because of your patience and willingness to not only educate your clients but work with them within their means I would recommend them to anyone and say they have become a part of my family.

, Chicago

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 76th St, Chicago, IL


My family and I would like to say thank you for making our dreams come true! We’ve moved a lot over the years but with the help of Kurt, Ryan and the rest of the awesome Insider Show Homes team you’ve turned our dreams into a reality. We had some hiccup’s throughout the process but you guys stuck with us and continued to lead the way. We appreciate your patience but above that we appreciate the opportunity you provided to us so that we too could turn our dreams to reality. Thanks guys!

, Chicago

Ashburn Neighborhood - 7925 S Artesian Ave, Chicago, IL


This home is awesome. A blessing come true, thanks to all your support and guidance. Everyone you recommended was amazing. I put my faith in you and you helped my dream come true! I’m looking foward to the future in my new home. Thanks a million and good luck to helping others in the future.

, Chicago

Chatham Neighborhood - 8208 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL


We would like to give Kurt Clements at Insider Show Homes a special thanks for making us first time homeowners.  We first talked to Kurt back in November, our credit score was not high enough to get approved at the time, he educated us on what we needed to bring the score up. We followed what he said and with his help five months later me and my fiancé are proud homeowners!! Kurt’s honesty, dedication, bold and funny personality and commitment should be a blueprint for other realtors to follow, along with his professionalism made our transition to homeownership a smooth process. If I had to give him stars it would have to be 10. Kurt is the “REALTOR” to get the job done stress free!  He answer all questions via text messages, emails and or phone calls promptly at anytime of the day or night. Thank you Kurt Clements you are not only our Realtor you have became our friend!

We Sincerely Thank You,

, Chicago

South Shore Neighborhood - 7527 S Cregier Ave, Chicago, IL


I would like to thank GOD and Insider Show Homes for blessing my family and I on becoming first time homeowners. We really appreciate Ryan and Kurt’s assistance with the whole process we cannot thank you both enough.  These two awesome men helped us with a lovely South Shore home. My family and I are looking forward to many nice summer BBQ ‘s in the backyard and sitting out on our wonderful new deck. I recommend Insider Show Homes to anyone that is looking to become a homeowner.  This is the group you will need.

, Chicago

Chicago Lawn Neighborhood - 3318 W 66th St, Chicago, IL

I have always been cautious about those too good to be true ads. We all have our share of disappointment with these, but curiosity grew and it hit me hard. Little did I know how my life was about to make an extreme turn that hot July day of 2015 thanks to Ryan. We meet a few days later and after analyzing my situation he said I have someone that can help you, his name is Kurt Clements he is out of town but I will give him your information and he will contact you. To my surprise, Kurt lead us through the entire process. He even changed the game plan and led us straight to our homeowner status. I am amazed by his commitment, he always called and followed up to ensure everything was going smoothly and to keep us accountable. When we were finally ready, he introduced us to the lender, the lawyer, the inspector, who made the process even easier. I want to thank The Insider Home Show Team, Ryan Kurt and everyone behind the scenes who made my family’s dream come true.
, Chicago

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7823 S Champlain Ave, Chicago, IL


It is a dream come true for me and my family, and to be fortunate enough to work with the team at Insider Show Homes made that dream a reality. I so grateful that from beginning to end, step by step, they made me feel my dream of placing my family and I in a beautiful house was just as important to them as it was to me. From getting my credit in line to the details of being able to hand pick paint and cabinets they were always willing to assist in any and all ways possible. The team at Insider Show Homes has no idea of the feeling I had when I looked in my mother’s face and my Grandbabies face as they walked in to our new home for the first time my heart raced as I watched their eyes light up with joy. I have faced a lot of challenges over the past few years with losing my dad and getting a divorce and being able to purchase this home and the dedication and focus it took to be able to do that has given me a second wind and I solely give the team at Insider Show Homes a major high five for making me feel I deserve it and I could do it. You guys are actually give life to people. You are not just building homes you are rebuilding people and families and from me and mine to you and yours WE SAY THANK YOU JOB WELL DONE FROM ME AND ALL MY FAMILY TO KURT AND RYAN AND THE INSIDER SHOW HOMES FAMILY YOU GUYS ROCK THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

, Chicago

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 9142 S May St, Chicago, IL


I could not be happier with Insider Show Homes and my Realtor Kurt Clements.  We have been working together to qualify and purchase a home for less than six months.  There were countless times what I wanted to give up, but Kurt motivated me to keep pushing and trust in God.  After we were pre-approved it was only a few days later that I signed my purchase contract and could not be happier with the purchase process.  He kept me well informed and answered all of my questions and made the while experience enjoyable to reflect on.  I cannot recommend Insider Show Homes highly enough!

, Chicago

South Shore Neighborhood - 7511 S Clyde Ave, Chicago, IL


We want to say thank you to Kurt and Ryan. We absolutely love our new home. It is more than we could have ever asked for. We especially want to thank them for their straight forward approach.  Everything they said was true. They were there supporting us the whole time and it is definately appreciated. We worked hard and they continued to encourage us and guess what? It happened! I recommend anyone who is searching for a home…do not hesitate and wonder, jump right in! Give Insider Show Homes an opportunity to help you to your dream of owning a home. They will be there to help you will all of your questions and coach you through the proceess. Thanks again for all of your support.

, IL

South Chicago Neighborhood - 8106 S Merrill Ave, Chicago, IL


My overall experience with Insider Show was amazing. There are no words to describe the professionalism of the entire team. They guided me thru the entire process from inquiring about a home for closing, all within five months! Kurt and Ryan were very helpful professional and were always men of their word. I would strongly recommend and Insider Show Homes to anyone looking to become a homeowner.

, IL

Mount Greenwood Neighborhood - 3006 W 107th St, Chicago, IL


We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Kurt. We were first-time homebuyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. We met with a couple of realtors before Kurt, but we knew instantly that he was the one for us. He is honest and hands-on, and he really helped to take the pressure off of us.

We never felt forced to make an offer. Kurt walked us through every step of the offer process and gave us recommendations for a lawyer, brooker and final inspector. We would recommend Kurt as a realtor to anyone we know looking for a home.

, IL

Calumet Heights Neighborhood - 9122 S Colfax Ave, Chicago, IL


My overall experience with Insider Show Homes was amazing!! My realtor was Kurt Clements and Ryan S. There are absolutely no words to describe the professionalism of these people. They helped me so much through this whole process and even after. The process went very quickly and smooth. I never thought I could own a home for me and my family but with the help of Kurt and Ryan I am an official home owner, and it feels GREAT!! If you are looking for people who know their jobs and will help you in every step of the way. Please let them make your dreams come true like they did for me and my family. I love my house and I have Kurt and Ryan and many others to thank for all of their hard work, dedication and patience. I am very grateful to you guys and Insider Show Homes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.

, IL

Morgan Park Neighborhood - 11726 S Vincennes Ave, Chicago, IL


I just want to thank you guys so much for everything you did to help me purchase my beautiful home. I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m 30 years old and I’m a homeowner. Thanks for helping me clean my credit up to be able to purchase, I thought that I will be renting for the rest of my life but you proved me wrong. Thanks for making my dream become a reality. I started my journey back on July 25, 2015 when I first met Ryan, he introduced me to Kurt, from there Kurt explained what I needed to do to get my credit score high enough to get approved for a home loan. I did everything he asked and by 10/1/15 I was ready to start searching for the place I will call home. After looking at 6 houses I finally found the place that felt warm when I walked in and I knew this was it. After we found the home that was right for my family of 5. Kurt introduced me to the loan officer, the inspector who inspected my home, and the lawyers that helped me have a very smooth closing. I am happy to say as 12/7/15 I am a homeowner. Once I purchased my home Kurt introduced me to an ADT rep which was very kind and they will be securing my beautiful home. I highly recommend the insider show homes group of excellent professionals.

, IL

Village of Lansing - 18925 Ridgewood Ave, Lansing, IL


After renting for about 8 years my husband and I were finally ready to make our first home purchase. However, with challenging credit and not knowing where to even begin, purchasing a home started to seem impossible. We tried home buying seminars and 2 different mortgage people that just ran our credit and said we didn’t meet the criteria. Never once did anyone take the time to tell us what steps we needed to take in order to meet the criteria. Finally, I saw the Insider Show Homes website while looking and dreaming about homes and I applied right there. Within 2-3 hours I was contacted by Ryan and within the next week he met with me and my husband to walk us through exactly what we needed and assigned us to Kurt Clements.

Here we are 9 months later getting ready to close on our very first home. Kurt was there for us every step of the way. He talked to me at least once a month if not more to make sure we were moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Insider Show Homes to anyone that’s looking to purchase a home. They were professional, extremely helpful, and were always men of their word.  I definitely couldn’t have done this without them.

Thank You Insider Show Homes!!!

, IL

Ashburn Neighborhood - 2868 W 84th Pl, Chicago, IL


When I made the decision to purchase a home earlier this year a friend recommended Kurt and Ryan at Insider Show Homes.  I am now passing that recommendation on to others.  We discussed our budget, our family’s needs, and the type of neighborhood we were looking for.  Insider Show Homes then presented me with a selection of properties that fit our criteria.  We found a home that we liked and ended up purchasing it.  We could not be happier.  The entire process was handled in a professional yet friendly manner.  I would strongly recommend Insider Show Homes to anyone looking to become a homeowner!

, IL

Village of Evergreen Park - 2711 W 97th St, Evergreen Park, IL


Kurt and the Insider Show Homes team helped my family and I close on a becautiful property in Evergreen Park. We were attempting to purchase a home for a few years, but did not have a good experience.  We were about to give up on a home when we met Kurt.  He guided us through the stressful process.  He clearly knows what he is doing and was always there to answer the phone and explain the process we were going through.  I recommend Insider Show Homes to anyone who is looking to be a home owner.  I appreciate everything that they have done for me and my family.

, IL

Washington Heights Neighborhood - 10115 S Emerald Ave, Chicago


On behalf of the Dunbar household we would ask that you accept our sincerest thanks for your help in our recent journey in search of our dream home. Ryan introduced us to Kurt who was our confidant throughout the process.  His daily inquiries and advice guided us through the process and allowed us to become homeowners!

, Chicago

Auburn Gresham Neighborhood - 9057 S Parnell Ave, Chicago


As a parent you dream to provide your children with more than just memories, you want to leave them something with history, something to eventually pass on to their children.  For years I’ve tried to buy a home, but I couldn’t quite meet the criteria. So with my mind set on home ownership I focused on cleaning up my credit. In June2013 I filed bankruptcy crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. In April of 2015 my husband andI began our search. I knew my two years were almost up and we could possibly buy our first home. During this journey we met Ryan. He took us to one of their homes and showed us around (how gorgeous it was). The excitement I felt, I couldn’t believe I was almost there we were going to have a home of our home. During the meeting Ryan told us we had to wait until June and there were some minute things to work on, but ownership was possible. He said he had an expert whom was good at what he did and he wanted us to work with him. This is when my life changed. He gave us Kurt number and immediately we were in contact. Kurt is a credit drill sergeant, no exaggeration. From day one he worked with his day and night. For three months he put us on probation no late payments, no over spending, budget, budget, budget.  Kurt has been not only diligent but he has also been honest and patient. As a first time home buyer there were many questions and he answer each and every one. As time neared closer to June we began looking for that perfect home. On June 22nd we found her. Kurt contacted the appropriate parties and scheduled a showing. Instantly we fell in love, we had to have her. Kurt set us down and asked us “are you sure you want this house”, without hesitation we said yes.  Before we knew it our contract was accepted. We were buying a house. I was nervous where do we start and how. Kurt walked us through the entire process. His team was amazing. From the loan officer (and assistants) to the home inspector. Whomever or whatever we needed he had it covered. The process was smooth and everything went without a hitch. On August 14, 2015 we closed. I couldn’t believe it I cried, we finally did it, WE OWN A HOME. When I walked in our new home it felt surreal. It’s ours. Without Ryan and Kurt I don’t know if we would be here today. I can’t express enough how grateful we are for everything this team has done for us. I boast daily about our new home. We didn’t just buy a  home we gained an extended family. Thank you for all you guys have done. If anyone is looking to buy a new home I strongly recommend Insider Show Homes

, Chicago

Garfield Ridge Neighborhood - 5308 S Merrimac, Chicago IL


Thank you very much for making our dream come true! We cannot express our emotions enough!  We are

over the moon excited. We appreciate all of the help, assistance and patience.

, Chicago

West Lawn Neighborhood - 3649 W. 70th Pl., Chicago


We were looking for a house according to the family needs. As working parents affordability and comfort is our main priority. My husband and I were looking for homes over the period of six months, so many frustrations until we met Siebert Team. Working with them, we felt confident and secure on our decision as a couple.

In short, we let them know about our desire to customize my home. Ryan set up a meeting and we go over the opportunities and concrete steps to make our dream come true. We worked together in every step of the process, including setting expectations on seller/byer plan. We have experienced a pleasant service and professionalism at every moment of the process with Siebert team. I admire their transparency each step on the process. The best thing is everything was according family budget expectations.

Effective communication is the strongest skill of Siebert Team. We need to let you know everything was well documented. Expectations on deadlines were clear and doable. My family and I were concious of changes, innovations, desicions, even the paint color and other options I have had the chance to make selections on it. We felt that were involved and engaged all the time.

The final outcome of my house it was beyond my expectations. Very elegant and well done moditifications. Everything was made like a brand new house. The best part is that we can afford our mortgage.

, Chicago

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7655 S Rhodes, Chicago IL


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done to help me get to this point. You were amazing and helped me see potential within myself that I couldn’t see before. I am filled with so much joy during this time. And I have you to thank for that. My family and I are grateful for your dedication and efforts on my behalf. You are the very best!!

, Chicago

Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood - 7742 S Vernon, Chicago IL


I come from a tight net family. We needed a home big enough to host my large family. We host our family not just during the holidays but for our game nights, movie nights and Sunday dinners. We wanted a home that would allow my mother to continue to cook and do the things she loved with ease. We wanted entertainment space for our growing teenager. The entire Insider Show Home Team was friendly, professional, flexible and knowledgeable.

The Insider Show Home Team delivered a home that met all of my needs and could fit my large family. In additional to getting the things that I needed; I got things that I have wanted for so long. Complete open concept, comfort for my mother to keep her independence and for her to be able to host and cook with ease. Additional parking for our soon to be driving teen.

The best part is that this lovely home is affordable and tucked into a family oriented neighborhood. My only regret is that we didn’t purchase from the team years ago.

I appreciate everything The Team has done for us.

, Chicago