Hard Money, South Side Chicago

Is a Hard Money Loan the Right Strategy for You?

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by Kurt Clements When potential investors on the South Side of Chicago ask me about hard money loans I give them my opinion.  When used as a part of an effective real estate investment strategy, hard money loans are an excellent tool to quickly increase holdings without risking existing properties. However, these loans aren’t for everyone. What investors get the most …

Land Survey

3 Things You Should Know About Land Surveys

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by Kurt Clements In the south side of Chicago land surveys almost seem unnecessary, with the 25X125 lots and all.  Yet, that could be farther from the truth.  One thing to think about when purchasing a home or parcel of land is to have an updated land survey conducted. While property deeds generally include detailed information, many are outdated for a …


Pros And Cons: Older Homes Versus New Construction

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by Kurt Clements Opinions differ about whether home buyers are best served by purchasing an older home or new construction.  In Chicago we have some really old homes to debate. New homes enjoy that “new home” smell and the idea that you are the very first occupant can be very appealing. On the other hand, older homes resonate with nostalgia and …

3 Key Advantages Of Listing Your House This Fall

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by Kurt Clements Homeowners looking to maximize their return on investment often want to know what season best achieves that goal.  Hint in Chicago listings go off like hot cakes in the fall. Getting near or full asking price can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including market trends, inventory and interest rates to name a few. It will …

Chicago Listings Need Flowers

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Chicago Listings Need Flower Power While the weather is still pleasant this fall, it can be a good idea to plan ahead for early spring blooms. Trim shrubbery, plant bulbs, install new edging or add whimsical garden accessories to assure that when spring rolls around you’ll have something attractive to look at. This is especially true for South Side Chicago …