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Renovations That Improve Resale Value And Those That Don’t

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by Kurt Clements Those who want to renovate a home in Chicago usually do this to make it more spacious, improve its condition, and to add amenities. However, it is also important to consider if the renovation has the potential to add value to a home. Unless the plan is to live in the same place for life, there is a …

Long-Distance House Hunting Tips

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House hunting is stressful enough even if you are moving to another part of town. However, when you are searching for a house from afar, it can make the task of finding the right home for your needs seem almost impossible.  As a Realtor in the South Side of Chicago I always want to help clients moving in understand the …

Renovating in 2018? Cash-out Mortgage Refinancing Might Be the Best Way to Fund It

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If you are a Chicago homeowner thinking about a significant home renovation in 2018, you have probably already considered your budget. As with any large project, you need to have the ability to pay the expected costs plus have a little bit extra set aside, just in case. The great news is that if you are a homeowner with a …