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8 Ways To Maintain A Great Credit Score

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Kurt Clements Having an excellent credit score is very useful when you are ready to purchase another or your first south side Chicago home. The following are some tips on how to maintain a superb credit score. Open Credit Accounts When You Do Not Need Them If you don’t have any credit accounts, you will have a low score. The …

Should You Buy A Fixer Upper Or Move-In Ready Home?

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December 14, 2018 by Kurt Clements There’s a lot to be said for buying a move-in ready home. All you have to do is put your things away and start living your life. On the other hand, buying a fixer upper has its advantages, too. You can get a great bargain on a fixer upper home. So which one should you choose? …

4 Reasons To Buy Or Sell A Home This Winter

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by Kurt Clements The winter real estate market tends to be significantly different from other seasons, especially in Chicago. Buyers and sellers alike are often driven by different reasons than at other times of the year. That can be a win-win for both motivated buyers and sellers in the right climate. Many homeowners list their property during spring and early summer …

Inexpensive Updates That Will Appeal To Buyers

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by Kurt Clements While you could spend tens of thousands of dollars or more completing a home makeover, there are more than a few budget-minded updates and ideas that you may consider when listing your South Side Chicago home with Insider Show Homes. Add Color To Molding And Trim One cool idea in home décor and interior design is to get …

Best Things To Do Now To Get Your Finances Mortgage Ready

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by Kurt Clements You probably already know that strong finances to qualify for a mortgage can be the biggest hurdle — aside from actually finding that dream Chicago property — along the path to home ownership. Rather than agonizing about it, however, there are some positive actions you can take in advance to help you realize your dream.  I am a …

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Real Estate Remains A Strong Wealth Management Investment

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by Kurt Clements A young long-haul trucker driver once took an elder’s advice and invested all of his money into real estate. Even though he was seldom at home to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he hired a property management company to handle the properties. The advice that stuck with the driver was simple. “They’re not making any more of …