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Why Do People Stage Homes To Sell?

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by Kurt Clements If you’re selling your Chicago home, your real estate agent has likely advised you to stage your home to sell. But why exactly do people stage homes to sell? Some people go to great lengths to stage their home too, even going so far as moving possessions into storage units or renting furnishings! Check out our recent sales …

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Bold Wallpaper Makes A Statement In 2019

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by Kurt Clements From a sophisticated couch to a stunning art print, there are plenty of ways that you can dress up your South Side Chicago living room and instantly change its vibe. You may not realize it, but wallpaper is back in fashion and becoming another popular way to instantly revamp a room. If you’re contemplating ways that wallpaper can …

4 Reasons Why Home Ownership Is Better Than Renting

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by Kurt Clements Are you trying to decide if you should rent or buy in Chicago, specifically the south side of Chicago where I can help you most? ? There are many reasons why home ownership is better than renting. Here are just a few to consider when you’re making your decision. 1. Stability For Your Family When you own your …


4 Things You Should Know About Easements, Right Of Ways

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by Kurt Clements Robert Frost once wrote that “Good fences make good neighbors.” The poet was not referring to people bonding over the task of mending fences. Rather, defined boundaries are an important facet of neighborly relationships, especially with small Chicago lots. Without clearly defined property lines and rights, otherwise good people too often become embroiled in land disputes. That’s why …


It’s Pumpkin Spice Season: Plan A Neighborhood Potluck

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by Kurt Clements Fall is the time to get back into a comfortable routine, but it’s also a great time to incorporate social events into weekend work parties, and gather friends to offer neighbors a helping hand — or just moral support — to spruce up their property. With my Chicago homeowners fall is the last time to get a block …

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Buying A Home? Take Stock Of These Things

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By Kurt Clements What are some of the most important factors that buyers take into consideration when looking for a new home in the south side of Chicago? There are the obvious things like price, square footage, location and lot size. Those are the basics. Other things that are often weighed are garage size, how updated the kitchen and baths are …

Home Trends – Mindfulness

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Home Trends Includes Natural Mindfulness Designs by Kurt Clements Urban and suburban life offers wonderful conveniences and cultural benefits. But a downside that many families are experiencing is the pervasive use of electronics and disconnectedness from nature. We forget to include mindfulness as an option when looking for a home to purchase. This is also true for my South Side Chicago …

Tips for Selling Your Home This Fall

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Tips For Selling Your Home This Fall August 23, 2018 by Kurt Clements Football season has kicked off, temperature cooling and pumpkin spice everything is right around the corner.  While most people associate the spring and summer months as the ideal times of year to buy or sell, fall is still a great time to put your home on the market.  In …

What Chicago Home Buyers Should Know About Their Home Appraisal And Mortgage

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When buying a home, there are certain steps that Chicago home buyers have to go through before the home sale is official. First the buyer makes the offer, then the offer is accepted. RELATED ARTICLE: 5 Tips For Prospective Chicago Buyers To Submit A Winning Offer Next the buyer schedules the inspection and home appraisal. Finally, everyone is ready for closing. …

Chicago Homeowners With Pets: Some Selling Do’s and Dont’s

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Nearly 70 million American households include at least one pet, but most prospective buyers won’t want to see evidence of pets in a home on the market. Here are some tips about how Chicago homeowners should sell a pet-friendly home. Prior To Listing Chicago homeowners should point out special pet features to your real estate agent — a cat door, feeding …