Why do you need a Real Estate Agent?

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For many people the American Dream is still very real and owning a home is a big part of that. Although, after the financial crash of 2008 the home buying game has changed quite a bit. When you first begin shopping around for a home one of the first questions you may ask yourself might be, “Do I really need a real estate agent?” The answer is YES!


Time is money and with a real estate agent you can cut corners and speed up your process. Thanks to the internet, buying a home without an agent is possible but will be extremely time consuming. Agents can help you navigate short sales, foreclosures, and tighter lending standards.


One of the biggest things to remember is you’ll need to find a lender. Imagine digging through the financial world and going from lender to lender trying to find the right one. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? Agents already have good relationships with reputable lenders. Let them take on that worry!


“House hunting” sounds fun but it tends to be a very long and stressful process. If you decide to be a lone ranger and go on this journey alone you’ll need to have a very organized system. You’ll take tons of notes comparing prices, sizes of the home, and locations. Real estate agents have tons of contacts and have access to databases to find your dream home quickly. They will also have good knowledge of what is happening in the market place.


A good agent will have years of experience in negotiating things like a win-win price, preferred time lines, and financing info. Buying a home by yourself could land you in a tough situation such as a bidding war with another buyer!


Buying a home requires loads and loads of paperwork! Agents have seen this paperwork many times before and know exactly what to do and how to fill it out. Also, keep in mind all of the other requirements which are part of the transaction such as appraisal, inspection and financing.


Closing costs, title insurance, pro-rations and others fees all come at closing time. An experienced agent will understand how to handle all of these things and can even end up saving you money.

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