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Kurt Clements

Managing Broker/Owner

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My experiences in both the mortgage industry and the real estate industry allowed me to develop our Three Pillar System to sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  Our experiences and research have indicated that all three pillars are vital to achieving your desired outcome as quickly as possible.   

I have been engaged in the real estate business for over 20 years. I started out writing second mortgages and refinancing first mortgages and then moved up to writing purchase mortgages. I would work with all the government programs designed to help the first time home buyer. I found that I really enjoyed helping someone purchase their home - whether it be their first home or their last home. I think it was the joy and excitement of it all.

Around the mid-2000's I decided that while I enjoyed the mortgage industry as a whole, I was getting tired of refinancing someone's home to save them a few dollars or shorten their mortgage term. At the same time, I enjoyed the purchase side of the business so I decided to shift my focus from the mortgage side of the transaction to help the buyer find their new home.

My initial clientele mainly consisted of buyers. I assume this is because I had always worked with the buyer in the mortgage industry and that is where my expertise was. When I moved over to the real estate side of the business I found that while most people want to become homeowners, many didn't have any idea where to start - especially when it came to their asset and credit management. So, over time I developed a unique system designed to turn renters into homeowners that focuses on the financial end of the transaction. We still use this system today and are constantly tweaking it to meet the needs of today's buyer.

Our early first-time buyers are now turning into move-up buyers. This, coupled with our unique ability to develop buyers, has really helped our listing side of the business as well. Investors are approaching us to list their properties, and in turn, they are referring us to other investors as well. More and more we are finding that the seller wants and demands more than just putting their listing in the MLS. They want their home advertised in all media at all times and we accommodate them.  Of course, all of my experiences in the real estate industry has led to the development of our Three Pillar System to sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  All three pillars are vital to achieving your desired outcome as quickly as possible.   

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“Hi, my name is Andy. I am a recent buyer in the Graceland Village area. I have been working with Kurt for a couple of months now. Kurt has made it very easy to find this condo that we are in right now that I am in the process of buying. He made the process very easy. We looked at a lot of places and he was very tolerant of all my first-time homebuyer questions. For anybody that is looking for a Realtor who is going to be happy to work with them and work through all their questions, I would highly recommend Kurt with Insider Show!”

4057 N Southport Ave Unit 2 Chicago IL 60613

Highly likely to recommend

“"Hi, my name is Josh Jampedro and I recently sold a home with Kurt Clements of Insider Show Homes. I had a condo in Chicago that I had previously listed with a discount agency and I received discount service. So, I had this property listed - it was a condo - and I had it listed for maybe 30 to 45 days. We had a deal that fell through and I felt like I was doing pretty much all the work as the real estate agent on my transaction. What I did was I canceled the contract with the real estate agent after the deal had fell through. I was venting to a friend of mine about my frustrations and explaining how disappointed I was and how I might not be able to sell it. He had used Kurt in the past and recommended that I give this guy a call. So, I called Kurt and inside of 48 hours we had a new contract written up or agreement written up to be the Realtor. We listed the property the next day and within 48 hours we had an offer for a significant amount over my previous offer that I had on the property. Kurt did all the work. He took a tremendous amount of stress off of the process for me. He made my life a lot easier doing that. Sure enough less than 30 days later we closed. I was happy to explain what Kurt had done for me and for the buyers and the buyers agent as well - just working on both of our behalf's to get the transaction closed smoothly. And, it went according to plan! Thank you Kurt I really appreciate it!”

4041 S Michigan Ave Unit #3N Chicago IL 60653

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi! We are the Harvey's ! A few years ago I reached out to Insider Show and hooked up with Ryan. At that time I was not ready to actually purchase a home. But, through home education and building my credit profile once I was ready to actually purchase a home I reached back out to Insider Show and hooked up with Kurt. Kurt was readily available to show me each and every property that I was interested in - sometimes he even showed me the same property more than once - which I appreciated! So, he has been absolutely amazing as well as Tom at Anderson Financial - absolutely amazing! I can't say enough about how they have been supportive through this whole process! Thank you!”

9136 S Ada St Chicago IL 60620

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi! My name is Jawanna Nickelson and I am with Kurt with Insider Show Homes. I heard about Kurt from my older sister Felicia Nickelson. Kurt was easy to work with when it came to searching for homes and going out for different showings on the weekends. We looked in Aurora, Streamwood, Naperville, Carpentersville, and Algonquin. I knew I wanted to be closer to my job, as my commute from Chicago to Schaumburg was killing me! I ended up living in Carpentersville IL. I love it and thank you!”

2117 Limestone Ln Carpentersville IL 60110

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi! I'm with Kurt at Insider Show Homes. We are doing our last walk (through) and I've found my place where I'm going to (live)! (I was referred to Kurt and Insider Show Homes by) Shumonti Harris (and I'm exited to become a new homeowner)! Thank you!”

9006 S Aberdeen St Chicago IL 60620

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi, I'm Nicole and I am here with Kurt and I am actually looking at houses. He's been wonderful. I have been approved for a loan and now we are looking at houses. I did not have a lender initially so he found me a lender. I was referred to him by another customer of his who was my girlfriend Leneka and she just purchased her home and she is very happy, so I went with him as well!”

122 Pamela Dr North Chicago Heights IL 60411

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi, my name is John Cooper. Kurt was our Realtor. He did a really great job at helping us sell our home. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. He took a lot of time upfront with us, helping us understand what our needs were and what we needed to do to get our house 'in order' to sale. That took a little longer than we thought but we came together as a team to get it ready. He did a superb job! We actually had 7 showings in the first couple of days and an offer accepted within 2 days after that! So kudos to Kurt for selling our home uber fast. He did a phenomenal job! He also did a great job throughout the whole process from not only the point of acceptance but from there to the closing. There are a lot of incidentals that happen between all that. He was a great 'go-to' person through that nerve wracking process. Thanks again Kurt and again we would highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!”

1155 Lily Field Ln Bolingbrook IL 60440

Highly likely to recommend

“"Our experience with you has been amazing. You have been calm and full of knowledge and very respectful towards us. Whenever we have been worried you have helped us with calming us down and giving us knowledge about needs to be done. You have always been fun to be with, great personality, and very professional."”

145 S Fordham Ave Aurora IL 60506

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi, my name is Kardajia and I met Kurt through the Anderson Financial Group! It took about 2 weeks to find a property for me (some of them weren't a good fit). He's very quick and good with responding - very down to earth - so you don't have to hold back on what you like and what you don't like. If you don't like something let him know and he will find something in your price range - something you are looking for. ..Let him know and he will send you thumbs up/great houses! Just talk to him as a friend and not as a Realtor because that is what he become to me - a friend and he helped me pick something nice. Thank you Kurt again for helping me pick this beautiful beautiful home!”

1232 King Drive South Holland IL 60473

Highly likely to recommend

“HI! My name is Valerie Williams. I have been working with Kurt from Insider Show. I met him a few months ago and we just purchased a house in Dolton! This has just been an awesome experience. He's been very supportive. I'm just blessed and I've enjoyed the ride - I'm so excited! Thank you!”

Dolton - 14238 Maryland Ave Dolton IL 60419