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4 Important Reasons To Install A Home Generator

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Home improvements are key investments when it comes to quality of life and property value. While decks, solar panels and smart technologies are trendy options, installing a home generator may be even more valuable. That’s because backup generators not only improve market value, they also protect you and your home during severe weather incidents. Consider these four reasons why a …

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Check Out This Great Next Gen Kitchen Technology

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There’s perhaps no better indicator that we are living in the technology age than Smart gadgets infiltrating the kitchen. Whether they are little conveniences or big-ticket items, the chef in every home can benefit from the devices that help improve cooking, storage and food preparation. These are some of the next generation kitchen items that are making life a little …

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Home Buying: Repair Requests After A Home Inspection

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The perfect home has been found, the one in the right neighborhood with the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. The home inspection is complete, but a few issues have been found. At this point, a home buyer has decisions to make. RELATED ARTICLES: Chicago Home Buyer? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes! What Repair Requests Can Be Made After a …

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How To Manage Investment Property While Working Full-Time

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In 2017, upwards of 75 percent of independent rental property owners in the U.S. reportedly worked another job on top of being a landlord. That means the overwhelming majority of landlords are attempting to juggle more than they can handle at times. However, there are organizational and strategic concepts that can maximize efficiency and profitability of your investment. Consider the …


Why Homeowners Should Make a “Smart” Garage

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Energy-efficiency, smart electronics and automation have come home to the rest of the house, but many garages still look and feel like neglected warehouses. Why not update the lighting and add some high-tech features that will bring your garage into the 21st Century. Doing so will make homeowners lives easier and need not cost a fortune! RELATED ARTICLES: Smart Technology or Home …


In-Law Apartments Provide Tangible Benefits For Homeowners

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Many homeowners are looking for ways to maximize on their investment. One idea that is gaining popularity is a space set aside for aging parents known as an In-law apartments. These additions are living spaces that can set a property apart from others on the real estate market. In-law apartments generally enjoy a private entrance and include things like a …


Rethinking How Much Homeowners Insurance You Really Need

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Buying a home comes with numerous financial planning obligations. It’s far from a turn-key operation and one of the significant challenges homeowners are faced with involves developing a working knowledge about things often outside their area of expertise. RELATED ARTICLES: Chicago Home Buyer? Find Out How to Ensure A Stress-Less Closing For example, working as an educator, police officer, investment banker …