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“HI! My name is Valerie Williams. I have been working with Kurt from Insider Show. I met him a few months ago and we just purchased a house in Dolton! This has just been an awesome experience. He's been very supportive. I'm just blessed and I've enjoyed the ride - I'm so excited! Thank you!”
“"Hi, my name is Alex and I am here with Kurt and I'm doing a home inspection. I met Kurt through a friend and since I met him about a month ago we've viewed about 40 homes until we came to this one. If you have ever thought about getting a Realtor I would get Kurt because Kurt is going to make sure you are completely satisfied. So absolutely check out Kurt if you have any future endeavors on buying a home!"”
“Hi, my name is Tiffany Collins and ... I am now purchasing a home - thanks Kurt! We came up with a plan and we followed through and now we are homeowners! It was a good journey and thank you!”
“Hi, my name is Shumonti Harris. I met Kurt Clements about a year ago. (Recently) we put an offer in on this home which I am closing on today! It's a 'process' but I am here now and Kurt is wonderful. He's walked with me the entire way and told me not to give up and not to stress. Every time I called he was there to answer questions and help me out...I did stress a little bit...Thank You!”
“Hello, my name is George Jones and (this is) my wife Roshanna and we just bought our first home with (the help of) Kurt, and Tom with Anderson Financial. We want to say thank you and thumbs up to them!”
“Hi, I'm Richara Jennings and I have been working with Kurt Clements. I have been trying to find a place and fortunately I've been able to find the condo I really like. Kurt was with me every step of the way. He had this whole back-up team for me ready to go as soon as I found a place - this is from the lender to the insurance folks, to legal help. So everything just fell into place pretty seamlessly. It was a great experience. Kurt walked me through everything. Kurt was involved with everything. So I really appreciate that! He has a fantastic team and it was a smooth smooth process. He is a very reassuring and professional agent!”
“I'm Vince Massey. When I was looking for a Realtor to sell my house I wanted someone who could sell my house fast at the maximum price with the least amount of hassle. In Kurt Clements at Insider Show Homes I found that Realtor. He was able to understand the market conditions...He created a marketing strategy using the latest online technology and a showing schedule that attracted real buyers with the least amount of disruption in my life. In the end we were able to sell our house with two weekends of showings and three offers over our asking price. I would definitely use Kurt Clements of Insider Show the next time I have to sell a house!”
“How you doing? My name is Thomas Savage. I was referred to Kurt by a good friend of mine. I had to sell my house really quick. He sold it within 5 days! I got more than what I was asking for. He's a great Realtor and I would refer him to anyone else over and over again. Thanks!”
“Hi! This is Vanessa and this is our new beautiful new home! Kurt helped us get it. He walked us through every single step. He helped me along the way and took every call I gave him. He was very helpful and very very insightful. Thank you so much Kurt for the beautiful job you did. I'm going to continue to refer you to other people. You will see it is hard work but in the end it does payoff! Thank you so much Kurt and Insider Show Homes for all your hard work and hard effort!”
“"Hello, my name is Deavon ... (my) husband Kevin and I were looking to become homeowners a few months ago. We (had been) researching and found Kurt about a year ago and we were following him (so) we decided to give him a call. We needed to touch up a few things on our credit so he guided us the whole way through. The process was so easy! We looked at a few homes and he constantly emailed us what he thought we would like. We found this beautiful home and we are closing on it the end of this month. We greatly appreciate Kurt's help - he is amazing! We recommend anyone looking for a home to give him a call at Insider Show Homes. We greatly appreciate him and you won't be sad! We look forward to sending you more customers!"”