About Insider Show Homes

Whether you are a first time buyer or a move up buyer, whether you are selling your home or an investor looking for their next project, we have the experience and the expertise to help you achieve your goal.

I have been engaged in the real estate business for over 20 years. I started out writing second mortgages and refinancing first mortgages and then moved up to writing purchase mortgages. I would work with all the government programs designed to help the first time home buyer. I found that I really enjoyed helping someone purchase their home – whether it be their first home or their last home. I think it was the joy and excitement of it all.

Around the mid 2000’s I decided that while I enjoyed the mortgage industry as a whole, I was getting tired of refinancing someone’s home to save them a few dollars or shorten their mortgage term. At the same time I really enjoyed the purchase side of the business so I decided to shift my focus from the mortgage side of the transaction to actually helping the buyer find their new home.

My initial clientele mainly consisted of buyers. I assume this is because I had always worked with the buyer in the mortgage industry and that is where my expertise was. When I moved over to the realty side of the business I found that while most people want to become home owners, many didn’t have any idea where to start – especially when it came to their asset and credit management. So, over time I developed a unique system designed to turn renters into homeowners that focuses on the financial end of the transaction. We still use this system today, and are constantly tweaking it to meet the needs of today’s buyer.

Our early first time buyers are now turning into move up buyers. This, coupled with our unique ability to develop buyers, has really helped our listing side of the business as well. Investors are approaching us to list their properties, and in turn they are referring us to other investors as well. More and more we are finding that the seller wants and demands more than just putting their listing in the MLS. They want their home advertised in all media at all times and we accommodate them.