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7 Ways To Soundproof Your Home

Home Sweet Home – that is unless you live next to the main drag and all you hear are cars driving by.  Or maybe you are tired of hearing your neighbor’s conversations?  Whatever the case may be there are at least 7 Ways to Soundproof Your Home and have a more valuable asset as well!

1.  Noise Control Curtains

Yes there are noise control curtains that can help soundproof your home.  Make sure they cover both above and below the window.

2.  Rugs

I know you love your hardwood floors, but by adding rugs and/or carpet to your floors will reduce those loud footsteps.

3.  Bookcases

Put your bookcases against the wall with the most noise and fill it up with all your books.  You will notice a difference!

4.  Sound-absorbing Paint

Yes, it does exist.  From my research it was 50/50 whether it works or not, but its worth a shot!

5.  Replace Your Doors

If your interior doors are hollow (and most are) consider replacing them with solid-wood doors.

6.  Insulate


Add extra insulation to your ceilings and walls – not only will you reduce your noise issues, you will also reduce your heating bill.

7.  Windows

If you can afford it consider replacing your existing windows with triple pane glass windows.  If not, what about using acoustical caulk sealant around every window?