10 Ideas To Reduce Waste & Save Money

By Kurt Clements

Most everyone has a new year’s resolution to save money, but did you also think about being more environmentally friendly this year as well? I just read a quick article written by Andreana Lefton that talks about just that.  It includes links to purchase actual products, but if you strip it down, there’s something in here for all of us.  Some of these I have never heard of and probably will never use, but I am willing to try some others!

 1.  Use a french press instead of disposable filters or pods.
 2.  Use a tea infuser instead of teabags.
 3.  Use your own utensils instead of plastic utensils.
 4.  Use a bidet instead of toilet paper.
 5.  Use a water bottle instead of bottled water.
 6.  Use toothpaste tabs instead of toothpaste tubes.
 7.  Use a shampoo bar instead of shampoo in a bottle.
 8.  Create your own compost instead of throwing away your scraps.
 9.  Reuse & repurpose glass jars instead of recycling them.
10. Use Swedish cloths instead of paper towels.
BONUS:  Use reusable baggies instead of zip baggies.


 3 Ways To Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Home Renovation


My family uses five of these ideas – not all the time but more often than not.  What is your family willing to try?


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