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Put an experts eye on your home search! You’ll receive personalized matches of results delivered direct to you. We’ll take into account your goals, criteria and preferences to find properties that are exactly what you were always dreaming of.

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A Professional Home Value Report is an excellent way to get an expert opinion on the value of your home using comparable homes in your area. This service is free and takes only a few seconds to fill out the form.

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Advertising & Marketing Guide

You only have one chance to make a good impression. Learn how we market your home from start to finish.

Downsizing Guide

Thinking about downsizing? We work with downsizers all the time, and there is so much more to consider than you could possibly imagine…

Client Welcome Kit

Welcome to Insider Show Homes LLC where we continue… Building Dreams.

Finding The Best Deals

Have you ever wondered how real estate investors, real estate brokers and wholesalers manage to find so many great deals on properties so consistently?

First Time Home Buying

Buying a home is a huge deal. It’s quite likely to be the biggest purchase of your life… which is why we’ve created a complete guide with (almost) everything you’ll need to know! 

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment and see how much home you can afford.

New And Pre-Construction Real Estate

With a growing interest and a larger new construction market, more buyers are opting out of resale and turning to pre-construction. 

Upsizing Guide

Selling your old home and buying a larger, nicer one (upsizing) can be a very exciting idea. The promise of a more comfortable home can be an intoxicating one, especially when the old one is a bit on the small side.


Highly likely to recommend

“Hi, my name is Andy. I am a recent buyer in the Graceland Village area. I have been working with Kurt for a couple of months now. Kurt has made it very easy to find this condo that we are in right now that I am in the process of buying. He made the process very easy. We looked at a lot of…”

4057 N Southport Ave Unit 2 Chicago IL 60613

Highly likely to recommend

“"Hi, my name is Josh Jampedro and I recently sold a home with Kurt Clements of Insider Show Homes. I had a condo in Chicago that I had previously listed with a discount agency and I received discount service. So, I had this property listed - it was a condo - and I had it listed for maybe 30 to 45…”

4041 S Michigan Ave Unit #3N Chicago IL 60653

Highly likely to recommend

“Hi! We are the Harvey's ! A few years ago I reached out to Insider Show and hooked up with Ryan. At that time I was not ready to actually purchase a home. But, through home education and building my credit profile once I was ready to actually purchase a home I reached back out to Insider Show…”

9136 S Ada St Chicago IL 60620


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