4 Ways Every Homebuyer Can Save on Title Insurance

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You have been house hunting for some time and you finally find your dream home. You are prepared and you take all of the necessary actions but you may be forgetting one thing: the cost of title insurance.

The title insurance can be shockingly expensive. It is estimated that it can be about one percent of the loan. Here are four ways you can cut these costs. This article was originally written by RISMedia. I have summarized the article for your convenience but you can view the original blog here.



Your best bet is to consult an attorney. These guys know the lay of the land so to speak. If you want to shop around for the best deal on your own you can look at the American Land Title Association website.



In most states there is little wiggle room on insurance rates. Although, there are a ton of add on fees associated with the transaction that can often be negotiated. Experts suggest that you can simply call the title insurance company and have some of these fees removed. Don’t be afraid to save some money! Be aggressive!



Homebuyers buy insurance to protect themselves but at the same time their mortgage company will likely require a separate insurance policy as well.

The two insurance policies are independent from each other but if you buy them together you can save. When the policies are issues at the same time it is called the simultaneous issue rate. Make sure to ask about this!



In the market we live in it is not unusual for the buyer to ask the seller to pay for title insurance. This one might be a little tougher to achieve so don’t be too pushy with it. In some cases the seller may want to sell the home badly enough and agree to these terms. Just remember, your goal is to close! If you feel that the seller is not willing to do agree, skip this step.

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