Auburn Gresham Neighborhood – 9057 S Parnell Ave, Chicago


As a parent you dream to provide your children with more than just memories, you want to leave them something with history, something to eventually pass on to their children.  For years I’ve tried to buy a home, but I couldn’t quite meet the criteria. So with my mind set on home ownership I focused on cleaning up my credit. In June2013 I filed bankruptcy crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. In April of 2015 my husband andI began our search. I knew my two years were almost up and we could possibly buy our first home. During this journey we met Ryan. He took us to one of their homes and showed us around (how gorgeous it was). The excitement I felt, I couldn’t believe I was almost there we were going to have a home of our home. During the meeting Ryan told us we had to wait until June and there were some minute things to work on, but ownership was possible. He said he had an expert whom was good at what he did and he wanted us to work with him. This is when my life changed. He gave us Kurt number and immediately we were in contact. Kurt is a credit drill sergeant, no exaggeration. From day one he worked with his day and night. For three months he put us on probation no late payments, no over spending, budget, budget, budget.  Kurt has been not only diligent but he has also been honest and patient. As a first time home buyer there were many questions and he answer each and every one. As time neared closer to June we began looking for that perfect home. On June 22nd we found her. Kurt contacted the appropriate parties and scheduled a showing. Instantly we fell in love, we had to have her. Kurt set us down and asked us “are you sure you want this house”, without hesitation we said yes.  Before we knew it our contract was accepted. We were buying a house. I was nervous where do we start and how. Kurt walked us through the entire process. His team was amazing. From the loan officer (and assistants) to the home inspector. Whomever or whatever we needed he had it covered. The process was smooth and everything went without a hitch. On August 14, 2015 we closed. I couldn’t believe it I cried, we finally did it, WE OWN A HOME. When I walked in our new home it felt surreal. It’s ours. Without Ryan and Kurt I don’t know if we would be here today. I can’t express enough how grateful we are for everything this team has done for us. I boast daily about our new home. We didn’t just buy a  home we gained an extended family. Thank you for all you guys have done. If anyone is looking to buy a new home I strongly recommend Insider Show Homes