Calumet Heights Neighborhood – 9006 S Anthony Ave, Chicago, IL


For years I had been intimidated by the process of purchasing a home. Even though I was paying a ridiculous amount for rent in the West Haven neighborhood, the thought of building my credit and purchasing a home seemed like a lot of work. When I initially hooked up with Kurt and Ryan, I was on the market for a rent to own property and after reviewing my credit they kindly suggested that I purchase a home. After agreeing that it made more sense to purchase, I worked closely with Kurt over the following three months to raise my credit score to a point that I could begin the process. Once I got it high enough, Kurt emailed me a list of properties and we were on our way! Kurt had an entire team of people working for me and the process was seamless. From the day I met up with Kurt and Ryan to discuss my credit, to the date I moved into my new home was only about 5 months. Even after the appraisal came in $25K lower than the asking price, the process was only slowed by about a week. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home or who needs help understanding the process!