Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood – 7539 S Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL


I have a lot of titles, single mother, teacher, daughter, sister and Mormon, just to name a few and now I can add homeowner to that list, thanks to the Insider Homes team, namely Kurt and Ryan. When I first went to one of their open houses I never thought that I was really able to go through with it, but Kurt worked with me through the whole process and made sure I knew exactly what I needed to do and when I felt discouraged or needed help he was right there to help.  It probably took me a little longer than most people but with their constant support, knowledge honesty, and kindness it finally became a reality: I am a homeowner! As a matter of fact about a year ago today was when Kurt showed me my dream home,  I claimed it a year ago but didn’t close until June 30, 2016, a day I will never forget. We had a delay but Ryan personally called me weekly to update me on the progress.  My family is so much happier now than they were in our rented apartments and homes as a matter of fact my oldest son was battling depression but since we have been here he says that he has stopped taking his medication and is very happy and no longer anti social. I have to thank Ryan, Kurt and The Insider Show Homes team for allowing me to become a first time home owner and help my family become happy again. Forever grateful!