West Lawn Neighborhood – 3649 W. 70th Pl., Chicago

Kurt Clements

We were looking for a house according to the family needs. As working parents affordability and comfort is our main priority. My husband and I were looking for homes over the period of six months, so many frustrations until we met Siebert Team. Working with them, we felt confident and secure on our decision as a couple.

In short, we let them know about our desire to customize my home. Ryan set up a meeting and we go over the opportunities and concrete steps to make our dream come true. We worked together in every step of the process, including setting expectations on seller/byer plan. We have experienced a pleasant service and professionalism at every moment of the process with Siebert team. I admire their transparency each step on the process. The best thing is everything was according family budget expectations.

Effective communication is the strongest skill of Siebert Team. We need to let you know everything was well documented. Expectations on deadlines were clear and doable. My family and I were concious of changes, innovations, desicions, even the paint color and other options I have had the chance to make selections on it. We felt that were involved and engaged all the time.

The final outcome of my house it was beyond my expectations. Very elegant and well done moditifications. Everything was made like a brand new house. The best part is that we can afford our mortgage.