Chicago Lawn Neighborhood – 3318 W 66th St, Chicago, IL


I have always been cautious about those too good to be true ads. We all have our share of disappointment with these, but curiosity grew and it hit me hard. Little did I know how my life was about to make an extreme turn that hot July day of 2015 thanks to Ryan. We meet a few days later and after analyzing my situation he said I have someone that can help you, his name is Kurt Clements he is out of town but I will give him your information and he will contact you. To my surprise, Kurt lead us through the entire process. He even changed the game plan and led us straight to our homeowner status. I am amazed by his commitment, he always called and followed up to ensure everything was going smoothly and to keep us accountable. When we were finally ready, he introduced us to the lender, the lawyer, the inspector, who made the process even easier. I want to thank The Insider Home Show Team, Ryan Kurt and everyone behind the scenes who made my family’s dream come true.