How To Stage Your Home With Toddlers Around

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Selling a home can be a long and tiresome process. It can be even harder if you have toddlers living at home as well. Here are some tips on how to stage your house with those little guys running around and making messes. I have compiled this list from an article written by RISMedia. Check out the full blog here.



Try organizing and cleaning out your closets and storage spaces. You can use the additional space to hide away all of your kid’s toys. This will make your home look a lot cleaner. \



You may love the way your kid’s bedroom has been painted but a potential buyer could look at it as a to-do project. Try repainting the walls to a neutral shade and play it safe.



Keeping a home clean during the selling process may be an easy task for single adults with no children. This may be a different story if you have toddlers living at home. Keep a checklist of things to do before each showing to make sure your home looks nice and clean. Also tell your real estate agent you need at least two hours to prepare before each showing.

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