6 Easy DIY Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

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The exterior of your home is very important whether you are thinking about selling or simply protecting your huge investment. Here are 6 DIY projects put together by RISMedia. I have summarized them in this blog but you can view their original article here.


Hector Montoya (left), and Hector Perez, Fairways Landscaping service professionals, clear ground clutter around the Clark House on Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, July 24. (U.S. Air Force photo by Rich McFadden)

If you want to add value to your home the first thing you should consider focusing on is your landscaping. Hire a professional to fix and maintain your lawn and sidewalk.



This sounds like a simple one but it is very important. It is the point of entry for your home. Determine whether to replace it entirely or to just spruce it up a bit.



Outdoor lighting is a great way to showcase the gorgeous features of your home. It also illuminates dark spots and could deter potential thieves from targeting your home.



This is an awesome and sure fire way to make your home look more beautiful. Over time dirt builds up on the outside of your home making it look shabby and less desirable.



This is a great addition to your home and could attract potential buyers if you decide to sell. Check your local home improvement store for many affordable DIY ideas.



The word “smart house” is one which is heard more often these days. There are many “smart” features you can add to your home to keep it edgy in today’s fast moving world.


Read the original article here.




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