Credit or Income – Which Is More Important?

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We often get asked the question ” Which is more important: credit or income?” Our answer is always the same, “both are equally important”. According to Well’s Fargo, there are 5 important factors which qualifies you to purchase. They call is the 5 C’s of mortgage lending. Credit, capacity, collateral, capital, and conditions. In this article, we will give you …


What Not To Do After You Are Under Contract

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You are given a list of things to do by each industry professional that you will work with during the process of your transaction. What about the things that you are NOT supposed to do after you are under contract? Every time that we meet with a client we do our best to explain to that what not to do …


The Importance Of A Well Written Purchase Offer

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Don’t Overlook A Well Written Purchase Offer Some of the first things you may worry about during your journey will be the final sales price and your closing day. Although, there are some other things you want to take into consideration especially when preparing your purchase offer to the seller. Reality television shows make the negotiation between the buyer and …