The Importance Of A Well Written Purchase Offer

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Don’t Overlook A Well Written Purchase Offer Some of the first things you may worry about during your journey will be the final sales price and your closing day. Although, there are some other things you want to take into consideration especially when preparing your purchase offer to the seller. Reality television shows make the negotiation between the buyer and …


What Are The Three Mindsets To Use When Purchasing A Home?

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Purchasing a home can produce a world of emotions. These emotions are known as the three P’s – Patience, Persistence, and Pride. Patience, Persistence, and Pride are the three mind sets that you are going to use a lot when taking on the challenge of becoming a homeowner. Even if you have perfect credit and a big down payment you …


Should You Pay A Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit?

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I meet a lot of people that have a goal of homeownership, but have no idea how to achieve their goal. Many times they were not taught the importance of paying their bills on time, and therefore they have poor credit. They are consistantly bombarded by advertisements promising ‘credit repair’ and they desparatly want to become homeowners. What should they …